Doshu tries new things

Sunday Doshu Nils Volden tried to climb a wall. A nice way to conquer anxiety and to explore new aspects within your self. Recommended. Just remember safety first.


AAMPR – Programa Dux Ryu Ninjutsu

WAA congratulate AAMPR - Program Dux Ryu Ninjutsu in Puerto Rico with their great efforts within martial arts. The head of AAMPR is Sensei Victor Suarez. In December 2001 Suarez opened his own school in Puerto Rico. He has created a hard program for Ninjutsu practitioners and enthusiasts. His program includes Dojo training mixed with … Continue reading AAMPR – Programa Dux Ryu Ninjutsu

Pressure on 偏歴 Pianli

This is a technique that creates a deep pain in the underarm. The position of the hands is slightly similar to a type of reversed Ude-garami (腕絡) that is an arm entanglement or "figure-four" key lock. The basic difference are that the left hand is not connected to your right, and that you put pressure … Continue reading Pressure on 偏歴 Pianli

How to locate acupuncture points

It is a problem within martial arts that many that do not know the location of the acupuncture points teach to students the acupuncture points. As a result we frequently find strange, odd and incorrect localizations of the points. Here is a link to multiple videos on Youtube that shows you how to locate the … Continue reading How to locate acupuncture points

Acudo study trip arranged by NAA

This is a posting on the Norwegian Acudo homepage. It is in norwegian.

Acudo Norge

Etter noe som kun kan betraktes som en stor suksess når Acudo Norges president Shino Wilberg Shihan besøkte stilartens overhode i Mexico i februar, vil det jobbes for å få til et årlig tur i Mexico, forhåpentligvis på den samme tiden hvert år.

Leder av turene vil være Shino Wilberg Shihan.

I løpet av besøket vil det bli arrangert seminarer i Tradisjonell Acudo Ryu, Combat Acudo, Qinna Kata, Long Wu Kata, og graderinger etter avtale.

Disse turene er åpne for alle med en interesse for acudo ryu, enten tidligere utøvere, nåværende utøvere eller fremtidige utøvere. Det er også mulig å ta med seg familien dersom man ønsker dette.

Disse seminarene vil være ledet av hhv Nils Erik Volden, stilartens Doshu og grunnlegger, Shino Wilberg Shihan, og ledere fra det Mexicanske Acudoforbundet.

Mer informasjon omkring turer til Mexico vil komme senere.

Det vil være bindene påmelding til disse turene

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Shihan Fransisco Melendez M. in Katana magazine

Our Shihan Fransisco Melendez 4. dan is a part of an article in the magazine "Katana - La Espada del Guerrero" December 2014/ january 2015 edition. ( The article in this fantastic magazine spoke about the Alianza Mundial de Artes Marciales - AMAM and the 13 years anniversary. Order the magazine on

Well I’ll be damned..

An interesting blog from Shihan Shino Wilberg. Where he writes about his 5. dan examination among more.

Shinowilberg's Blog

So it have been a while since my last post, as it usually goes. I write basically when I am in the mood, and/or when I have someting to share.

Right now, I am visiting some friends who lives just over the Norwegian/Swedish border, and have been here since friday. I needed to go away for a little while, to relax and do some mental recovery, and a part of this post will explain why… just hang with me a bit.

In my last post, I said that I was trying to learn Chineese, and at that time, I had a good reason to want to learn the language; I thought I had found someone to start forming some sort of a relationship with, and that lives in China. Shut up, I know what you are thinking, but none of the usual red flags popped up. However, after a visit…

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Expo Artes Marciales Mexico

This is the biggest martial arts expo in Latin America with expositions and demonstrations for two complete days by the finest of martial arts. More than 100 expositions and more than 50 martial arts stiles will be presented according to the arrangers. It is estimated more than 100.000 persons visiting this expo. A cooperation between … Continue reading Expo Artes Marciales Mexico

Two new Senpai´s in Acudo ryu

From left, GM Ruiz, Doshu Volden and GM Anaya It is an honor for us to tell that the World Acudo Association have named two excellent martial arts instructors as Senpai ( in February this year. This two persons is not only practitioners of Acudo ryu but also reknown grand masters in two different martial … Continue reading Two new Senpai´s in Acudo ryu

ABC to terror attacks and Shooters

An important article about Shooters and Terrorists! Read it an learn.

Street Acudo

Tactics and Special operations
As you might have noticed recent years with the terror attacks in Paris against the newspaper Charlie Hebdo, København in Denmark, Utøya in Norway, at multiple schools in USA and multiple places around the world paints a picture of an increasing trend. We might find our self to become a target for a terror attack; not only suicide bombs, but also knife attacks, guns and chemical weapons. The essence of a terror attack is the purpose to create a sensation of Fear in people, to make us do – or not do something. Terrorists normally do not want to take people hostage, kill and hurt as many as possible in a short time lap.
We cannot predict exactly when or where it will happen. We only can predict that it will happen again and again. We need to be prepared. Suddenly you hear shots, you see…

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35 years anniversary of the Dux Ryu

To really mark the 35 years anniversary of the Dux Ryu systems, NTSA with Soke-dai ni Profesor Francisco Díaz García (Mexico) arranged a World Congress in Dux Ryu in Mexico city the 22rd to 29th of March 2015. Everyday it were held 18 clinics a day every one with the duration of 3 hours. The … Continue reading 35 years anniversary of the Dux Ryu

ABC about Dimmak in Matial arts

This article was published in "Dux ryu Magazine" in 2014   The legend says that though hitting a specific point, an opponent might die weeks after; this is called Dimmak – Death touch or Poison hand. It exist multiple ancient stories about people being killed without being touched or barely touched. The concept of Dimmak … Continue reading ABC about Dimmak in Matial arts

Doshu Nils Volden

This year our founder GM Nils Volden took the title "Doshu" (In Chinese: 道主) with the blessing of the World Acudo Association (WAA). On all official documents he will from now on be named Doshu. He hold a 8. dan in Acudo ryu from July 2014. Doshu Volden still uses the title "Grand master in … Continue reading Doshu Nils Volden

Shihan Wilberg graded for a 5. dan in Acudo ryu

Last week Shihan Shino Wilberg come to Mexico for a 5. dan examination in Acudo ryu. To pass the examination he had to give two seminars in Acudo ryu, present a NEW kata the Long Wu kata, show all the acupuncture points AND show the three parts of the Shaolin qinna kata. The exam stared … Continue reading Shihan Wilberg graded for a 5. dan in Acudo ryu

Great seminar with Shihan SHino Wilberg

WAA want to thank our european Shihan Shino WIlberg for a great seminar in Mexico Friday and Saturday. He showed unique acudo ryu techniques strongly connected to throwing and  stepping techniques. Shihan also helped in some demonstrations conducted by GM Nils Volden. WAA will also send a GREAT thank to GM Fransisco Melendez for helping … Continue reading Great seminar with Shihan SHino Wilberg

Finally we got www.acudo.ORG registered

Before WAA had the domene http://www.acudo. com registered, but through the years we found that this domene really did not fit for an organization. Since then we have been working hard to get http://www.acudo.ORG. Today we managed! At this date 15.10.2014 WAA states that our federation, the World Acudo Association, is working more as a … Continue reading Finally we got www.acudo.ORG registered

WAA has started to awarded titles to important Acudo kas

Titles awarded by the World Acudo Association (WAA) List correct 19.06.2014 Shodai-Soke June 2014: Shodai-Soke Nils Volden 7. Dan Acudo ryu. WAA: As the official Founder of Acudo ryu. Hanshi June 2014: Hanshi Nils Volden 7. Dan Acudo ryu. WAA: As the Founder of Acudo ryu. Hanshi Amir Ahmadi 8. Dan Acudo ryu. WAA: As … Continue reading WAA has started to awarded titles to important Acudo kas

WAA decided to start with titles in addition to degrees

Acudo ryu titles According to the 2014 WAA annual meeting it were decided to implement the full vocabulary of martial arts titles. The use of the titles have to be used in official correspondance, but in the dojo according to internal policy. WAA selected japanese titles due to increased understanding. Martial arts titles  This types of titles … Continue reading WAA decided to start with titles in addition to degrees

Our GM and Bow hunting

Many have sent us tip about that they have observed our GM Volden in a homepage about Vikings and Bowhunting. This is his new hobby and free time activity. He recomend this activity for all that likes to relax and enjoy life.

Four new Black Belts in Acudo ryu

Sunday 27.10.2013 our GM Volden conducted an examination for 1. dan in Acudo ryu. All passed the examination that were conducted in Mexico city, Tlalpan. WAA sends their outmost gratulations for the four NEW Acudo masters. From left on the photo: Andres Maximilliano Colorado C., Uriel Zamora Torres, GM Nils Volden, Isidro Aguilar Martinez and José Alfredo Vilchis … Continue reading Four new Black Belts in Acudo ryu