Rules for examinations in Acudo ryu according to WAA

(Revised 21.09.2022)


PDF examination rules 2018



Other aspects with degrees – GENERAL INTRODUCTION


Everybody who can document a degree in another martial art system might put a stripe on their right side of their belt with the proper color. This until they have a similar or higher degree in Acudo ryu than in the other martial art.


Acudo ryu degrees given honorific is indicated with a star connected on the belt. This is to show that this is an honorary Acudo degree and not an examination degree. Persons with Higher Degrees like 8. dan, 9. dan or 10. dan (if given as a honorary degree) do not to use star since their belt are considered as a normal degree.

Brown, 7 kyu:

Everybody who decides not to enter kyudan belt degrees should add a black stripe on the right – and left side of the brown belt for every year they have been training acudo ryu. If he chooses to join the Kyudan system and to take a normal exam he has to start at 5. kyu as everybody else and work himself up. However after six years with 7. kyu he might pass directly to the 1. dan exam. After ten years of active acudo ryu practice he will automatically be given a 1. dan Black belt with a star. As a symbol of dedication and knowledge. For every five years he will automatically be given one additional dan; making a person NEVER attending an acudo examination after 25 years of ACTIVE training have a 3. dan in Acudo ryu with a star. The trainer is responsible for this mechanism. Note: This is honorary degree and not examination degree!

Owners of an Acudo Ryu club

An owner need to have 3. dan. If the owner don’t have the degree, it will be a regularisation directly to 3. dan. WAA might help with the practical.

Honorary degrees or Additional rise in Dan degrees

It is not common to give honorary degrees in Acudo ryu, but it might be given to persons that have done something special for the development of Acudo ryu locally or globally. 8. -, 9. – and 10. dan is ONLY given in very special cases. Lower degrees (1. to 5. dan) might be given.

Honorary degrees might be given when:

  • Something special happens as for example a special event, high age or special abilities.
    • Normally it is given 1. Dan to persons with no Acudo ryu knowledge
    • Persons in the Acudo ryu system normally get 3. Dan or 5. Dan
    • Extraordinary events qualify for 8. Dan, 9. Dan and 10. Dan.

Additional rise in dan might be given when:

  • A person found a national federation (one dan extra).
    • If two persons found together both will get the degree.
  • Persons that lift Acudo ryu nationally or internationally in special ways get one additional dan.
  • A person become exceptionally good in acudo ryu
  • Trainers that have trained five persons up to extra dan.
    • Another additional dan after ten, twenty and fourty 1. dans.
  • Persons that have filled some specific other requirements.

This rise is a normal degree and is not an honorary degree. It is WAA and the founder that decides additional dan degrees. Please inform WAA about persons that might qualify for additional dan rise.

Note: It is not a tradition to give additional dans to trainers for students presenting higher degrees than 1. dan, to older practitioners of Acudo ryu or persons that do an honorable job outside Acudo ryu. This does not indicate that it is not possible.

Who might conduct Acudo ryu examinations?

Only WAA accredited or Founder pointed persons might conduct examinations. All permissions from WAA have to be in written to be void. All permissions from Founder are given like the founder chooses to give it.

Void examinations

All persons conducting examinations without permission will be expulsed from WAA and stripped from all previous official distinctions in Acudo ryu; meaning a 3 Dan in Acudo ryu will lose his 3 dan by conducting an unlawful examination. Persons that knowingly enters a void examination without informing WAA or Founder will be expulsed from WAA and stripped from all official distinctions in Acudo ryu; meaning if a 2. Kyu will lose his 2. Kyu by knowingly undergoing an unlawful examination.

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