Street acudo is working with many aspects of self defense. Most important are the handeling of crisis. In short we have the following aspects:

  1. How to survive mentally
  2. Bully situations
  3. Knife situations
  4. Gun situations
  5. Kidnapping situations
  6. Hostage situations
  7. Understand the psychology behind aggression
  8. Act correctly
  9. How to master crisis situations
  10. Handling of stress hormones

Street Acudo is direct, applicable and easy. When the World get Crazy you need to TO SURVIVE!


Street Acudo is Real self defense:
  • Defence against street arms
  • Techniques to under STRESS
  • Mental training
  • Senario based training
  • Psychological testing and – training

Learn to SURVIVE!

Remember the 90-10 rule: 90% mental and 10% physical

One day you might need it…


Once you have learned Street acudo you will never need to look for another defense system. It is complete and devastating.