Saftey rules

We cannot live in fear. To do so we have to make some precautions. When you have taken some easy precautions most bad guys will not choose you as a victim. Because in the moment they have easier targets than you, you will not be taken.

It is normal to have some type of mindset to get in front of the bad guys. A popular mindset is the seven steps. It tells you steps that will make your life less likely to become victimized.

  1. Always walk away if you detect some irregularities. Prepare everything as if you are leaving. Close windows, Hide value etc. When you understand something is happening complicate for the bad guy. No question!
  2. Change your habits to not put yourself in danger. Be aware of possible dangers.  EG. Don’t go out late at night. Don’t flash money. Avoid dark streets.
  3. Be aware of possible dangers. Use what you know to avoid getting into trouble.
  4. Move and put yourself in positions that will give you more chances if attacked and where it is difficult to attack. Do not allow a bad guy to enter a good position. Deside where you do not want the bad guy to be, and where you do not want positioned. Eliminate your positional weak spots before they happen. This is strategy; shadow dance.
  5. Decide what your boundaries are, and use them. Someplace you have to defend yourself. Deside how you think before you need to think it. When do you say “Back off?” Do not provoke.
  6. If in problem use verbal boundaries and – enforcement toward the opponent. Leave the building NOW! Before speaking, know the consequences and what you are willing to do.
  7. Last stand is real self-defense. Use the drills you know.


Who is the bad guy

Most studies are done in jail and little in the real habitat of the bad guy. You need to have confronted him in his habitat and seen what it took to stop him. A bad guy is selfish and lack concern for others; the rest is just a matter of style. This gives him dedication and makes him predictable at the same time. Remember he wants to take you down. In a way he is firstly a scavenger, and secondly a predator. Remember they select “safe” victims. When they turn predator they are really more prey than predator. Most criminals are psychopaths.