Acudo ryu – A Complementary Marital Art
A marital art that uses acupuncture points to manipulate the body. Acudo ryu can be seen as the secret art of self protection. By using acupuncture points in the right way Acudo ryu makes wonders to martial art. Acudo ryu is more than self defense; it is an Art; a martial art. Even tough it have been arranged competitions within Acudo ryu we do not wish to call it a sport. 

Acudo was first trained in Beijing, China 1993
Acudo Ryu was officially founded in Beijing, China 1997
World Acudo Association was founded in Beijing, China 1998.




Norwegian Acudo Association and Australian Acudo Association was founded in Beijing, China 1999 as the first two national federations.
Acudo Ryu was founded by Nils Volden and developed in cooperation between Nils Volden, Konstantino Dimitropoulos and Subdgeidi Jimenéz (from year 2000) all practising acupuncturists.



Acudo means:

o Acu: Acupuncture

o Do: Way


Original Purpose
Acudo was developed to make traditional marital arts more effectve.


  • Acupuncture
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Wu shu
  • Kodokan Judo
  • Tai chi
  • Qi gong
  • Shaolin Qin Na Kung fu
  • Wudang Daoist Wu Shu


“The person who knows Qi understands Acudo ryu”


The style is based on using the acupuncture points and other vital areas to overcome an opponent. This is a martial art system who is established like a self existing system. No other marital art system can be compared with Acudo ryu. Many people who exercise Acudo ryu have a background from another martial arts style. They join Acudo ryu to learn how to make their own style to become more efficient. By striking, kicking, pressing and manipulating points in different ways you multiply the force of the techniques.

Sometime we divide Acudo ryu into five categories (named in Japanese for simplicity):

  • Seishin Teki Kyoyo (Presence in the senses and other spiritual aspects)
  • Taijitsu
    • Kosshijutsu (attack on acupuncture points, muscles and tendons)
    • Koppojutsu (attack on bones and joints)
  • Jutaijutsu (throwing, locks and wrestling techniques)
  • Taihenjutsu (Physical exercise and conditioning)
  • Tantojutsu (knife battle) and Ningu (secret weapons)
  • Main focus are on Taijutsu (Kosshijutsu and Jutaijutsu).


Put the body systems into a system.

o Acupuncture points
o Reflex areas
o Organ regions


  • Anatomical – e.g. Body regions
  • Learn an effective self defence system.
  • Learn Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Fitness.
  • Mental training.
  • Meditation and relaxation.
  • Great social environment.



Degrees are used to indicate the insight of the practitioner and of pedagogical


Street Acudo

This is a part of Acudo ryu that focuses ONLY on Self-protection. Read more about it on the following page:





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