The Meeting of two great masters

Our Shihan Shino Wilberg has been integrating his knowledge about acupuncture points in Sun Kempo with its Grand Master Anders Falck

World Personal Martial Arts Federation - WPMAF

The 22nd to 24th of July did Shihan Shino Wilberg travel to Trondheim, Norway, to meet with the founder of Sun Kempo, Grand Master Anders Falck to work with the revision of the technical curriculum in Sun Kempo.

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Shihan Wilberg arrived in Trondheim on Wednesday evening and all the evening was used for a private demonstration of Sun Kempo by GM Falck.

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The goal for this gathering was an implementation of useful acupuncture points in the Sun Kempo curriculum. For that GM Falck had asked Shihan Wilberg for insights.

Thursday were used for filming acupuncture points and techniques for the first Sun Kempo belts

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DSC04328bGrand Master Anders Falck is born in 1970. He lives in Trondheim, Norway. He is the founder of the martial arts system: Sun Kempo. This year he became inductee in the American Martial arts Hall of Fame. His martial arts background is Kempo karate (Fu…

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