This is REAL Karate – Master Sensei Rick Hotton, USA

This is a great video of Rick Hotton 5 dan. He started training Karate in 1970 at the West Wind Dojo in Florida. He has endeavoured to train and learn from as many instructors as possible. For example he trained under the famous Matsugi Saotome (the best Aikido master today).

Enjoy his great skills in this video.


WAA is happy to find great instructive videos like this that shows deep skills and real knowledge!

We have gotten many questions about this fantastic karateka, and it is true that we recommend him and his seminars. We have had many students attending and he is a true master of his art (beside being a great person). Contact him for seminars at this e-mail: and anjoy more videos on his youtube channel


More info here


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