Shihan Wilberg graded for a 5. dan in Acudo ryu


Last week Shihan Shino Wilberg come to Mexico for a 5. dan examination in Acudo ryu. To pass the examination he had to give two seminars in Acudo ryu, present a NEW kata the Long Wu kata, show all the acupuncture points AND show the three parts of the Shaolin qinna kata. The exam stared the 20th of February at 6 PM and finished the 27th of February at 9 PM. All this in the hood of Mexico city. On the photo above you se Mr Wilberg together with Nils Volden, our Grand master posing for the camera.


buskspellMuch of the training were done in a park not far from where Shihan Wilberg lived. This photo are from when he showed the Shaolin qinna Kata in the final examination. He showed the kata with force and knowledge. Impressing the people present in the dark park of Tlalpan.


Something that everybody that knows Shihan Wilberg knows are his enormous focus, knowledge and force; a Warrior. But beyond all this he is the kindest person you find walking on this planet. Something the acudo kas in the overfilled seminars he gave got to know. His approach to Acudo ryu are angled from his martial arts background in Mizudo and Judo. Impressing the people present.


Guess what SHino Wilberg did when he had time? Correct, he trained and trained even more!


Did we mention that he trained?


The exam went according to the book and Shihan Wilberg got his 5. dan in Acudo ryu with honors! Congratulations.


After passing his exam (period) he took a Cigar to celebrate his 5. dan in Acudo ryu. He pointed out that the last Cigar  he smoked were when he served in the army; of coures in the marines.

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