In this article I will present the background for Combat Acudo, a sub-style of Acudo Ryu. The story begins at the beginning of these millennia, when I started my search for the "perfect system" for self defense. After a lot of search, I figured that I cannot find any one style or system that gave … Continue reading COMBAT ACUDO

気 Qi in Martial arts

In this short article, I shall try to illuminate a few issues concerning qi, what it is, how to recognize it and how to manipulate qi for attack and defense. I base most of this article on my own personal experiences, and challenge you to seek out knowledge from as many sources as possible. Maybe … Continue reading 気 Qi in Martial arts

Shihan Wilberg graded for a 5. dan in Acudo ryu

Last week Shihan Shino Wilberg come to Mexico for a 5. dan examination in Acudo ryu. To pass the examination he had to give two seminars in Acudo ryu, present a NEW kata the Long Wu kata, show all the acupuncture points AND show the three parts of the Shaolin qinna kata. The exam stared … Continue reading Shihan Wilberg graded for a 5. dan in Acudo ryu

Great seminar with Shihan SHino Wilberg

WAA want to thank our european Shihan Shino WIlberg for a great seminar in Mexico Friday and Saturday. He showed unique acudo ryu techniques strongly connected to throwing and  stepping techniques. Shihan also helped in some demonstrations conducted by GM Nils Volden. WAA will also send a GREAT thank to GM Fransisco Melendez for helping … Continue reading Great seminar with Shihan SHino Wilberg