DSC_0306bIn this article I will present the background for Combat Acudo, a sub-style of Acudo Ryu.

The story begins at the beginning of these millennia, when I started my search for the “perfect system” for self defense. After a lot of search, I figured that I cannot find any one style or system that gave me the answers I was seeking, so I started working on my own philosophies concerning self defense. I knew I wanted something that could respond to any threat that one could encounter, that was easy to learn and remember, and that would be effective in a real fight, outside the dojo and without rules. I also knew that I did not want a system that only was skin-deep.

I started analyzing the martial arts I had at least some experience with to find knowledge and philosophies I found to be practical, and gradually something started to take shape.

I found that the combination of Muay Thai, Judo and Brazilian Jujitsu made the most sense, and drew heavily on those 3 distinct martial arts for my inspiration in creating what would eventually end up as the Mizudo combat system, founded with the help of GM Daniel Kivle, a muay thai fighter I met while studying at Telemark University College.

The Mizudo combat system relies on the understanding of certain combat principles rather than a set technical curriculum as most martial arts do, so it is by that nature a more adaptable system for self defense.


Fast forwards to 2009, I attend the WPMAF Acudo Ryu Seminar in Mexico City, and attain my 1.dan in Acudo Ryu and Atemi Judo.

After this seminar I stay in touch with both doshu Volden and sifu Hoy Jr. from Norway, and about a year later I test for, and pass my 2.dan exam in TAR (traditional Acudo Ryu). It is at this time I started implementing the skill sets I attained in studying TAR to the Mizudo Combat System, and slowly I began to develop my own interpretation on TAR, directed towards a more aggressive profile, where the theoretical base takes a metaphorical backseat to the practical applications.

The basis for Combat Acudo will always be a solid understanding of TAR, for without it; one cannot learn the skills and principles of Combat Acudo.

If one were to take the philosophies and principles of Mizudo, and apply them to TAR, you get Combat Acudo.


There are no rankings in Combat Acudo at this time, as the focus should not be the attainment of a new belt, but the mental and physical conditioning to sharp conflicts that may occur at any time.

Only instructors approved by me may hold seminars in Combat Acudo, regardless of their other background in martial arts.

2015-02-22 15.09.27




  • Soke – Mizudo
  • Founder – Combat Acudo
  • Shihan – Acudo Ryu
  • Sensei – Judo

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