Major update of page

Todad the WAA page have gone through a major update. We have moved the menus and added a chapter about videos. This is videos that might have somre relevance for Acudo ryu. It is also added more documents. If you have something you think fit on the page please feel free to send it to … Continue reading Major update of page

Knife fighting

Fighting with knife or against a knife is a chalange. We need to understand that a person attaching you with a knife is trying to kill you. Most contries do not have any culture where they fight with knife. When a person attack you with a knife he do that to terminate your life and nothing … Continue reading Knife fighting

WPMAF rating

_________________________________________________________________________ OTHER INFORMATION REGARDING EXAMINATIONS, DEGREES AND STUDENTS _________________________________________________________________________ WPMAF Rating of top 23 Acudo ryu Practitioners on this page #1 Nils Erik Volden – WAA President - 免許皆伝 Menkyo Kaiden 6. dan #2 Amir Ahmadi - WAA Board Member - 免許 Menkyo 10. dan #3 Francisco Melendez Marquez – MAA Board member - 免許 … Continue reading WPMAF rating

Examination Lower degrees

Examination degrees at lower levels (some) 1. kyu White/ black Ivar Johan Marthinsen (November 2008) Øyvin Domaas (October 2007) Håvard Bringsli (May 2002) 2. kyu White ARIADNA SAMBOLA CHÁVEZ (febrero 2013) Mauricio L. Pavón Alfaro (march 2012) Roy Rolstad 4. dan TKD and 1. dan Hapkido (2001) 3. kyu Yellow DAFNE SCARLETT PINEDA FRÍAS (febrero … Continue reading Examination Lower degrees


The Essence of Atemi The legend tell us that the old Atemi master could only by pointing at a point make his opponents qi disturbed so he died or fainted. Other legends tells about a master landing a Atemi technique and nothing happens until several days later when the person suddenly falls down dead. Atemi … Continue reading Atemi

Shaolin Temple

This is the Shaolin Temple in Henan, China Chinese Martial Arts Chinese Martial Arts or Wushu is known all over the World as an important part of Chinese Culture. Wushu contains of both boxing and weapons; all in a nice philosophical setting. From the Philosophy, Martial Art has absorbed fundamental amounts of knowledge. This is … Continue reading Shaolin Temple