Acudo ryu

Acudo Ryu
The essence of Acudo is mainly to use the benefits of the Acupuncturepoints, Anatomy and Physiology. To manipulate the body to your advantage. It is possible to say that Acudo™ ryu is Atemi, Dimmak and Darmak. Of coures in training we relate to Darmak, but we train on Dimmak and different levels of Atemi. Some people would like to call Acudo™ Dimmak, but that is just a part og this Art.


In addition to the standard Acudo ryu in 2006 it were desided at the Annual WAA meeting to include Shaolin Qinna in the curriculum. The 32 standard techniques are now an essencial part of Acudo ryu. This to have a commom ground world wide regarding Basic techniques.

This is a model of the points in Acudo ryu

For more information about Acudo ryu see other place on this site

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