Knife fighting

knFighting with knife or against a knife is a chalange. We need to understand that a person attaching you with a knife is trying to kill you.


Most contries do not have any culture where they fight with knife. When a person attack you with a knife he do that to terminate your life and nothing less. Most of the time you will, if you also carry some type of weapon, not have time to pull your weapon. Meaning you have to face the knife with your bare hands. You might calculate that this person will not show you the knife before attacking you. They simply go for the stab. Making this even more simple; it will not become any real fight! It will never become any dueling with knifes. It is the opponent and his intent to stab you and that is it. The knife is a tool for terminating you and not any gentleman fighting tool.



The opponent will be a intent to stab you once or twice. He will not stand there holding the knife in front of himself. Resist and protect yourself in this two attack and the chance for survival increases drastically. Fight to survive, not to win; when facing a knife. Do not think you know fighting with a knife. Becouse nobody really know how to do it when faced the blade. The adrenaline start pounding and toy get an adrenaline dump. All training, techniques and commonsence is lost in a second. The opponent tend to rush at you and stab, stab and stab… This is the common and the most effective way to attack with a knife. When that comes against you is the moment you need to be prepared. The more unpredictable, the more dangerous is the technique. Making the best knife technique not static. Forget about catching the knife hand or to kick the knife out of the hand of the opponent. It will simply not happen.



When you have a relative opening in a fight against a blade take it. Waiting for a proper opening will never happen. Take what you get and use it. If you run after a person with a knife you become a killer and not a defender. That is why that you only use your knife in the opening and not when running after the opponent. Do not overfocus on the pendulum movement/ swing of the opponents knife arm. It might get you cut.  If you realice that it exist a knife, you better run!


When fighting against a knife you might get cut. If you get cut try to fight as best as you can. Do not sit down and cry! Remember that the person tries to kill you. Trade cut for kill, but not a cut for a cut. It is not easy…





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