Doshu Nils Volden


This year our founder GM Nils Volden took the title “Doshu” (In Chinese: 道主) with the blessing of the World Acudo Association (WAA). On all official documents he will from now on be named Doshu. He hold a 8. dan in Acudo ryu from July 2014. Doshu Volden still uses the title “Grand master in Acudo ryu” as awarded by WAA some years ago. He will continue to use this title since many still do not know what Doshu means. Doshu means “the Master of the Way”. It indicates that this is the head that give the directions of this martial arts. WAA have officially granted this title to our founder with effect from January 2015. It does not exist any higher authority in the Acudo ryu system.

More information about Doshu Nils Volden:

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