Well I’ll be damned..

An interesting blog from Shihan Shino Wilberg. Where he writes about his 5. dan examination among more.

Shinowilberg's Blog

So it have been a while since my last post, as it usually goes. I write basically when I am in the mood, and/or when I have someting to share.

Right now, I am visiting some friends who lives just over the Norwegian/Swedish border, and have been here since friday. I needed to go away for a little while, to relax and do some mental recovery, and a part of this post will explain why… just hang with me a bit.

In my last post, I said that I was trying to learn Chineese, and at that time, I had a good reason to want to learn the language; I thought I had found someone to start forming some sort of a relationship with, and that lives in China. Shut up, I know what you are thinking, but none of the usual red flags popped up. However, after a visit…

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