Two new Senpai´s in Acudo ryu


From left, GM Ruiz, Doshu Volden and GM Anaya

It is an honor for us to tell that the World Acudo Association have named two excellent martial arts instructors as Senpai ( in February this year. This two persons is not only practitioners of Acudo ryu but also reknown grand masters in two different martial arts. GM Alejandro Ruiz Davalos is one of the top Kung fu masters of Mexico. GM Francisco Anaya Lozano as the great personality from the Dojo “Martial Combat Center” in Oaxaca. He is one of the highest graded in his country in within Krav Maga and Kali, and with a professional history that correspond.

senpaidip2Senpai Anaya recieves his diploma as Senpai from the hand of Doshu Nils Volden.

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