Who is Doshu?

Presentation of Doshu Nils Volden, Nils Volden was born in Trondheim, Norway the 26th of October 1971. Volden started to practice Martial arts at the age of 10. His first encounter was Kodokan Judo under Judo Master Steffen Kirknes. Later he also trained under other Judo Masters like Unni Kirknes, Johnny Roaldseth and Jens Aassved. In … Continue reading Who is Doshu?

Self-Protection 2

Here are more PDF files of selfprotection techniques used within Street Acudo. Remember that this is for information purposes. technique 8 knife attack technique 9 knife attack, robbing technique 10 knife attack technique 11 gun attack break finger technique 12 holding neck grip technique 13 knife attack

The first examination this scholar year

Normally we find august to be a slow period since everything is starting up this month, but not at UniTec in Mexico. UNITEC is a university in Mexico City with a great martial arts program with Professor Vilchis in command. Professor Vilchis are a hard-working Shihan in acudo ryu that work hard with his students … Continue reading The first examination this scholar year

Acudo self defense seminar

Our WAA repressentative Shihan Jose Alfredo Vilchis arranges Acudo seminars in Mexico city. This is seminars focusing on how to defend yourself against an aggressor. Shihan Vilchis often give seminars for women. To give them a safer life. These seminars are streetvice. Making them exactly what you need in one of the most dangerous cities … Continue reading Acudo self defense seminar

Important links to different videos

Here are some nice links to techniques from the curriculum: Count to ten in Chinese Lung acupuncture points, 11 acupoints  Ukemi (受身)/ Falling technique/ Break falls: (Group) Yoko-ukemi (横受け身): Sideways breakfall  Nage-waza (投げ技)/Throwing: (Group) O soto gari(大外刈): Big outer reap O uchi gari (大内刈): Big inner reap Kamae (構え)/ Posture/ Base: (Group) Guard Eri, -geri (蹴) Kick: … Continue reading Important links to different videos


This is from the first examination in Acudo ryu in Mexico this year at the Mexican Technological University (UNITEC). The examination was hold by the President of WAA in Mexico Shihan Jose Alfredo Vilchis Salinas 6 dan togehter with the professors Isidro Aguilar Martinez and Paulina Sarahi Hernandez Martinez. PRIMER EXAMEN DEL AÑO 2018 LLEVADO … Continue reading LA UNIVERSIDAD TECNOLOGICA DE MEXICO – UNITEC

The mechanics of Dimmak & Acudo Ryu use of Acupoints

By Shino Wilberg, 5 Dan. Acudo Ryu First of, I want to make it clear that I am by no means a great expert or exponent of Dimmak techniques. Nor do I intend to teach any technique in this article. Secondly; to the observant reader you will notice that I have previously written another article … Continue reading The mechanics of Dimmak & Acudo Ryu use of Acupoints

Street Acudo Real Life Survival Tactics

By Doshu Nils Volden OTC SA 6.7 For the complete document in PDF format press here Acudo ryu is a martial arts system founded in 1993; teaches the use of vital points in martial arts. Seeing the need of an effective self-protection system, The World Acudo Association developed a sub-system in 2010 called “Street Acudo”. … Continue reading Street Acudo Real Life Survival Tactics

Doshu become World Record holder

Doshu Nils Volden attempted in the Olympic sporting arena Juan de la Barrera in Mexico City the 5 November to break the World Record in Martial arts Takedowns. The previous world record was broken and today the 10. February 2017 it become officially, Doshu Nils Volden have broken the World Record. He is now officially … Continue reading Doshu become World Record holder

Guinness World Record

Saturday the 5th of November 2016 I attempted to break the Guinness World Record in most martial arts throws in 1 minute. The current record was 65 persons, and I intended to throw more than that. The Guinness Book of World Records had pre-approved my World Record attempt. Due to circumstances I had to throw … Continue reading Guinness World Record

Want to learn Acudo ryu?

Want to learn Acudo Ryu, but no instructor near you? Shino Wilberg Shihan offers remote guidance and evaluations by video/Skype. You will get access to the curriculum for each belt individually, and guidance by Wilberg Shihan. When you feel you have mastered the curriculum, you may submit a demonstration video for evaluation. After the evaluation … Continue reading Want to learn Acudo ryu?

Throws and Takedowns in Martial arts

There is no official definition of throwing and takedowns, and the difference is vague! There is a lot of overlap and misunderstandings related to this matter. Both are techniques that make a person to fall to the ground in one way or another.   So, what is the difference? Takedown brings a fight to the … Continue reading Throws and Takedowns in Martial arts

Doshu explains

Acudo ryu is not the same as Kyusho international, Dianxue, Dillman international or other vital points martial arts. This is an independent style. You might say that these pointing styles share some common origins and interests, but the lineage and focus is different. Acudo ryu were developed in China unde a strong influence of Shaolin … Continue reading Doshu explains

If you want Peace, prepare for War

In the old Latin book Epitoma Rei Militaris written by Vegetius you will find the quotation: “Igitur qui desiderar pacem, praeparet bellum” or in shorter latin: “Si cis pacem, para bellum”. When War breaks out it is far too late to prepare fight. War is something you need to prepare for in times of Peace. … Continue reading If you want Peace, prepare for War