In Acudo ryu we focus on a general use of vital points to move qi in the body of an opponent. The normal focus is not to knock out the opponent, but sometimes it is needed… Knockouts are divided into three levels in Acudo ryu. Level 1, this is a KO light where the opponent only becomes shaky. This is a situation where the opponent temporarily loses contact or control over his body. He is mentally awake and in control over his body after less than 2 seconds. Level 2 is a medium KO where the opponent sinks to the floor. He has no control over his body and just sinks down to the floor. He is mentally awake and in control over his body after less than 5 seconds. Level 3 is a hard KO where the opponent become totally unconscious and falls to the floor without any control. He is totally gone. When he returned to conscious he will have some spasms. He is mentally awake and in control over his body after about 10 seconds. Level 4 exist but are normally connected to a brain damage. The use of acupuncture points normally provokes a Level 1, and a hard hit to the chin provokes a Level 3.


Acudo ryu speak about four ways of creating a KO in an opponent. The most common is strangulation. Strangulation is to deprive the brain of oxygen. Normally this is done by pressing an artery on the neck, but it is also possible through depriving a person of respiration (closing the intake of air or making the lungs not move). Another way to create a KO is neurological. Through hitting a vital point or nerve the brain will be filled with neurological impulses and the brain go into a temporal resting modus – a shutdown. A third way is through a imbalance in Qi. This is normally done by hitting the head of the opponent. The brain starts to move and are slammed as a rattle inside the skull; causing a traumatic inflammation. The fourth way is through a lesion to an artery. This is done through causing an injury or lesion to the inside wall of an artery; provoking the development of a thrombosis. This process take normally to three days. This fourth method is also known as Dimmak; delayed death.



Press here for a Dimmak presentation from 2015 in Spanish

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