Acudo self defense seminar

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-22 at 15.11.48Our WAA repressentative Shihan Jose Alfredo Vilchis arranges Acudo seminars in Mexico city. This is seminars focusing on how to defend yourself against an aggressor. Shihan Vilchis often give seminars for women. To give them a safer life.

These seminars are streetvice. Making them exactly what you need in one of the most dangerous cities in the World. Feedback from the seminars are 100% positive.


In February Shihan Vilchis were promoted to 6 dan in Acudo ryu due to his exceptionally skills and level within this martial art. He is presently the official WAA representiative in Mexico, and the highest rated Acudo ryu practitioner in Latin America. All the respect to him and his work to promote saftey. Shihan Vilchis normally works as a martial arts university professor in Mexico city.

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