José Alfredo Vilchis Salinas

José Alfredo Vilchis Salinas (October 2016) 5. dan TKD and 4 dan Hapkido

– Evaluated as 目録 – Mokuroku Gomokuroku 6. Dan by Technical WPMAF (October 2013)

– Awarded the title Shihan in December 2016 by WAA

– Awarded the title Kyoshi September 2022 by WAA and Doshu. This is a Grand Master title in Acudo ryu.

– Promoted to the administrative position President of the World Acudo Association in Mexico from. February 2018.

– Hold the position as the WAA representative in Latin America from January 2019.

  • Degrees in Acudo Ryu:
  • 1. dan October 2013 Examined by Grand Master Volden, 7. dan.
  • 2. dan October 2016 Examined by Doshu Volden, 8 dan
  • 4. dan December 2016 Degree regularisation by Technical sección WAA by Kyoshi Zhang Wei
  • 6. dan January 2018 granted by WAA and Doshu Volden, 8 dan.
  • 7. dan September 2022 granted by WAA and Doshu Volden, 9 dan.


From the promotion ceremony with Shihan Vilchis where he become the President of World Acudo Association in Mexico. The highest ranking Acudo ryu official in Mexico.

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