Hereby WAA want to congratulate two of our masters

  • José Alfredo Vilchis Salinas 6. Dan Acudo ryu
  • Shino Wilberg 5. dan Acudo ryu

Both with the title SHIHAN awarded by WAA for their abilities within Acudo ryu and Martial Arts.

This summer these two great masters were awarded a new degree in another martial arts system.


Shihan Vilchis got a 4 dan in Hapkido from the legend GM Hank Shik Shin (9 dan in TKD and Hapkido) in Mexico. Shihan is officially registered as a Hapkido 4 dan in the World Shinki Mudowon organization (WSM).


Shihan Wilberg got his 3 dan in Kodokan Judo from the national examination in Norway. The three sensors at his examination were Knut Harefallet (6 dan), Martin Haga Helliesen (5 dan) and Petter Grime (4 dan) all from the Norwegian Judo federation (NJF). The Norwegian Judo President was also present at the event. Shihan is officially registered as a Judo 3 dan in the Norwegian Judo Federation (NJF).

Our gratulations to these two great martial artists.

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