Hereby WAA want to congratulate two of our masters José Alfredo Vilchis Salinas 6. Dan Acudo ryu Shino Wilberg 5. dan Acudo ryu Both with the title SHIHAN awarded by WAA for their abilities within Acudo ryu and Martial Arts. This summer these two great masters were awarded a new degree in another martial arts system. Shihan … Continue reading Congratulations

New Senpai – Senpai José Alfredo Vilchis Salinas

Sunday 30.08.2015 WAA formally awarded the title Senpai to Acudo master José Alfredo Vilchis Salinas. Master Vilchis has been studing Acudo ryu for 6 years, since 2009. Beside being a very good and dedicated instructor in Acudo ryu as well as in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido he is a father and a husband; beside a … Continue reading New Senpai – Senpai José Alfredo Vilchis Salinas

Pressure on 偏歴 Pianli

This is a technique that creates a deep pain in the underarm. The position of the hands is slightly similar to a type of reversed Ude-garami (腕絡) that is an arm entanglement or "figure-four" key lock. The basic difference are that the left hand is not connected to your right, and that you put pressure … Continue reading Pressure on 偏歴 Pianli