Liberation Hon Kesa Gatame

Normally we speak about seven basic mat holds within Judo. One of the most used are Kesa-Gatame (袈裟固), a side control hold. The technique is to hold hand under the head around the neck and the other near the elbow of the opponent. See video.

Very often we find a throw end in this position.  The question are how to get out of this common grip. Acudo ryu have an unique way to do this.

  1. The opponent holds you in Hon Kesa Gatame.


2. Place your fingers of your free hand at the acupuncture point Tianrong, Small intestine 17.



3. Press back wards in the natural curve.


4. Now the situation is turned with Acudo ryu.

Good luck!

PS! Just as an extra, here are the common ways.


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