The first examination this scholar year

Normally we find august to be a slow period since everything is starting up this month, but not at UniTec in Mexico. UNITEC is a university in Mexico City with a great martial arts program with Professor Vilchis in command. Professor Vilchis are a hard-working Shihan in acudo ryu that work hard with his students all year.

Vilchis got the best acudo ryu team in Mexico, and one of the best in the World. The impression in WAA are that he always goes for excellence. All The respekt to him and his students.

Some days ago, he arranged an examination in acudo ryu. We post some photos from this examination just to illustrate more or less how it is done in the slowest month in the year.

Searching for points

A collection of interesting moments.

Together with Shihan we find two other acudo ryu masters Paulina Sarahi Hernandez Martinez and Isidro Aguilar Martinez. Master Aguilar was one of the first persons to train acudo ryu in Mexico together with Master Vilchis. Master Hernandez are one of the first Mexico trained black belts in Acudo ryu. These three masters constitute a strong and experienced team. Something that are reflected in their students.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-21 at 22.47.11

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