Liberation Hon Kesa Gatame

Normally we speak about seven basic mat holds within Judo. One of the most used are Kesa-Gatame (袈裟固), a side control hold. The technique is to hold hand under the head around the neck and the other near the elbow of the opponent. See video. Very often we find a throw end in this position.  The … Continue reading Liberation Hon Kesa Gatame

Effective Leglocks

In Locks we often focus on the elbow or the wrist. Only sometimes as a type of extra we get into leglocks. Remember that if you fight on the floor or catch a kick you might win a fight almost immediately through administrating leglocks. The main goal with a leglock is to create a sprain … Continue reading Effective Leglocks

Our GM and Bow hunting

Many have sent us tip about that they have observed our GM Volden in a homepage about Vikings and Bowhunting. This is his new hobby and free time activity. He recomend this activity for all that likes to relax and enjoy life.