aside Important links to different videos

Here are some nice links to techniques from the curriculum:

 Ukemi (受身)/ Falling technique/ Break falls: (Group)

    • Yoko-ukemi (横受け身): Sideways breakfall 
  • Nage-waza (投げ技)/Throwing: (Group)
  • Kamae (構え)/ Posture/ Base: (Group)
  • Eri, -geri () Kick: (Group)
  • Uchi Waza (打ち技)/ Striking techniques: (Group)
  • Tsuki ()/ Punch (lit. Thrust) techniques: (Group)
  • Mawashi uke (回し受け)/ Circular block: (Group)
  • Shaolin Qinna: (Group)
  • Ukemi (受身)/ Falling technique/ Break falls): (Group)
    • Ushiro-ukemi (後ろ受身): Backward breakfall
      • Falling backward
    • Mae-ukemi (前受け身): Forward breakfall
      • Falling straight forward/ Hands front
    • Zenpo-Kaiten-ukemi (前方回転受身): Forward roll
      • Rolling forward/ Falling to the front (right/ left) 
  • Nage-waza (投げ技)/Throwing: (Group)
    • Ō goshi (大腰)/ koshi-nage (腰投)/ Major hip throw
      • Yin technique
    • Uki Goshi (浮腰)/ Floating hip
      • Yang technique
  • Kansetsu-waza (関節技)/ Joint locks/ Manipulations: (Group)
    • Jūji-gatame (十字固め)/Cross -/ Straight armbar/ Back-lying perpendicular armbar
    • Ude-garami (腕絡): Arm entanglement or “figure-four” key lock
  • Shime-waza (絞技): chokes or strangles: (Group)
    • Hadaka-jime (裸絞): Naked strangle from behind/ Hand in armpit from behind
    • Okuri-eri-jime (送襟絞): Sliding lapel strangle/ Hold clothes and pull down other side 
  • Nage-waza (投げ技)/Throwing: (Group)
  • Kansetsu-waza (関節技)/ Joint locks/ Manipulations: (Group)
    • Kote gaeshi (小手返)/ Forearm return/ supinating wristlock
    • Nikyo (二教)/ Kote mawashi/ Internal rotation of the wrist/ Second technique
  • Shime-waza (絞技): chokes or strangles: (Group)


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