Who is Doshu?

Presentation of Doshu Nils Volden,


Nils Volden was born in Trondheim, Norway the 26th of October 1971. Volden started to practice Martial arts at the age of 10. His first encounter was Kodokan Judo under Judo Master Steffen Kirknes. Later he also trained under other Judo Masters like Unni Kirknes, Johnny Roaldseth and Jens Aassved. In 1984 he became the president in Selbu Judo club and two years later also as the main trainer. In 1987 he started to study Kim Son Quang Kung fu under Kung fu Master Sifu Dang Tieu Diep the head of his family Kung fu from Vietnam/ China.

In 1990 Volden went into the army and started to study at the Officers academy. He graduated as a Cannon Commander and Sargent the year after (retired as Lieutenant some years later). In 1991 Volden completed a Parachuting course while in the army and in 1997 Volden also took a Paragliding license. Coming back to his hometown he started to train Kempo karate for a period under Kempo Master Jann Erik Johansen while studying at the university.

In 1993 Volden went to China to continue his studies in Chinese medicine. He started to train Dianxue and Wushu in Beijing under Dianxue Master Sifu Wang and Wushu Master Sifu Liu. Volden and other students at the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine started to play around with the use of acudpuncture points in martial arts settings; creating a mix between Wushu, Dianxue and acupuncture points. Daily trainings and increasing intensity made acudo ryu emerge through the years, and in 1997 the same group fronted by Volden and Konstantino Dimitropoulos founded the World Acudo Association (WAA) and the martial art Acudo ryu. The same year after 5 years of training, Volden got black belt 1. Dan in Acudo ryu. Six months later he was also examined as 2. Dan. The same year World Acudo Association was founded in Beijing, and Volden was elected President; a position that he still clames. He continued training Acudo ryu intensively and passed examinations in Acudo ryu for 3. Dan (1998), 4. Dan (1999) and 5. Dan (2000) infront of the WAA Executive board.

In 2005 Volden started to work closely with the Shaolin Temple in LueYang, China. He studied Shaolin Qinna and Dianxue with the Shaolin monk and Kung fu Master Sifu Shi Xing Jun under the supervision of the Shaolin Abbed Shi Yong Xin. Later the same year Volden finally got his 1. Dan in Kodokan Judo after 21 years, honored by Judo Master Saburo Fukuhara from Japan. In 2006 Volden was examined as 6. Dan in Acudo ryu (six years after 5. Dan) and 3. Dan in Shaolin Qinna. The year that followed (2007) Volden was initiated as the disciple of Shi Xing Jun, 32th Generation Shaolin Warrior Disciple at the Shaolin Temple. In 2008 Volden achived his 4. Dan in Shaolin Dianxue from The Shaolin Qinna Federation after 15 years of training Dianxue. In June 2009 he was elected as the President in The World Personal Martial Arts Federation (WPMAF) and two months later he got his 7. Dan in Acudo ryu. Volden become the President of Structure and Developement and the President of Coordination of Member Federations in the International Shaolin Kung fu Federation (Canada). WPMAF evaluated Volden as 免許皆伝 Menkyo Kaiden 6. Dan in June 2010. The Shaolin Qinna Federation evaluated him to a 5. Dan in Shaolin Qinna later the same year. In October 2010 Volden founded Street Acudo based on his experiences in Mexico city, and the need of a direct – and extended martial art. He is currently rated as a 4. level Operator Training Course in Street Acudo (OTC SA); black belt 7. dan in Street Acudo. July 2014 Volden passed his 8. dan examination from WAA and with that he also recived his Grand master tittle. In January 2015 GM Volden took the title “Doshu” in Acudo ryu; Doshu mean “The Master of the Way”. With the Doshu title he states that he is the official founder of Acudo ryu. In November 2016 he made a World Record in Martial arts : “Most Martial Arts Takedowns in 1 minute”, and with that he become the person on the planet that have projected most persons to the floor in one minute through all times. World Record was accepted 10. february 2017. In September 2022 Doshu accepted the 9. dan in Acudo Ryu awarded from WAA.

During the years Volden has examined black belts from all the continents and arranged numerous seminars in Acudo ryu. He has received recognitions, degrees and invitations to seminars from Martial Arts federations all around the World. Today, Volden uses his 8. Dan in Acudo ryu as his official Martial arts degree and Doshu as his official Martial arts title. Still he haven’t found a person to continue the lineage of his martial art; Shodai-Soke.

He is one of the very few in Norway that has taken three extensive “Trainer A” courses in Martial arts, Military training and General physical exercise (“The Big Three”) under the supervision by The Norwegian Judo Federation (NJF), The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF) and The Royal Norwegian Army, Officers Academy (SK/BSFA). Among other courses he has also studied a Diploma in Sports Psychology arranged by NIF and many minor courses arranged by NJF. Academically he has Postgraduate studies in Public Health, Acupuncture and Psychology. The last years he have been working very hard to include First aid and basic paramedical skills in martial arts training.

Important Martial art Degrees
Acudo ryu:

9. dan Red belt Acudo ryu. Received 2022. (WPMAF VALIDATION AR-2022-03)

4 level Operator Training Course in Street Acudo (OTC SA); 7. dan BB in Street Acudo. Received 2012. (WPMAF VALIDATION SA-2013-47)

Shaolin Kung fu:
5. dan Black belt Shaolin Qinna. Received 2010. (WPMAF VALIDATION SQ-2010-56)
4. dan Black belt Shaolin Dianxue. Received 2008. (WPMAF VALIDATION DM-2008-56)

Kodokan Judo:
1. dan Black belt Kodokan judo. Received 2005. (WPMAF VALIDATION KK-2005-56)

WPMAF evaluation Menkyo system:
6. dan Red belt 免許皆伝 Menkyo Kaiden in Martial arts. Received 2010. (WPMAF VALIDATION MK-2012-01)

Honorary degrees:

6. dan in Shaolin Kung fu from International Shaolin Kung fu Federation

8. dan in Kung fu from Pakistan Kung-fu Association

“Honorary belt” (The right to use a blue belt) in Mizudo from the founders Wilberg and Kivle

Conflict of interests given by Volden. He have been the President of the organization that validated his martial arts degrees. He is also the founder and current President of WAA.


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