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UFC is sold for $4 billion USD. In 1993 UFC were bought for $2.000.000 USD by Las Vegas casino operators Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta; something that indicates that they earned 72% annual return since 1993 on UFC. The revenue in 2015 were $600.000.000 USD


Today on a noemal UFC fight night we easily fond 70.000 entering the stadium and that is without mentioning pay-per-view. UFC have become strongly sponsored the last years, with that the price money and honour have increased.

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Doshu explains

Acudo ryu is not the same as Kyusho international, Dianxue, Dillman international or other vital points martial arts. This is an independent style. You might say that these pointing styles share some common origins and interests, but the lineage and focus is different. Acudo ryu were developed in China unde a strong influence of Shaolin … Continue reading Doshu explains

If you want Peace, prepare for War

In the old Latin book Epitoma Rei Militaris written by Vegetius you will find the quotation: “Igitur qui desiderar pacem, praeparet bellum” or in shorter latin: “Si cis pacem, para bellum”. When War breaks out it is far too late to prepare fight. War is something you need to prepare for in times of Peace. … Continue reading If you want Peace, prepare for War

63 hours Vital point Marathon in 5 days!

EASTER ACUDO RYU SEMINAR Remember the Acudo ryu seminar in the Easter holidays - 2016 23.03.2016 to 27.03.2016. This is a Marathon seminar that intensively teaches the vital points from Wednesday to Sunday. We start at 6 O'Clock in the morning and finiches at 8 O´Clock at night time. This is your chance to learn all … Continue reading 63 hours Vital point Marathon in 5 days!

Seminario de puntos vitales

Este será un Maratón de Puntos Vitales, 65 horas de seminario en una semana, saturado de conocimientos sobre cómo utilizar los Puntos Vitales en las Artes Marciales. Aprenderás todos los puntos de acupuntura utilizados en las artes marciales, cómo manipularlos para generar un máximo poder en tus técnicas. Además de los 365 Puntos Vitales, conocerás … Continue reading Seminario de puntos vitales