Vital Point Marathon is Finish

This is years Vital Point Marathon is finish. It was 50 hours in 5 days with vital points. The students started to train at 08.00 and finished at 18.00 the complete Easter holidays. This Marathon is something of the hardest tests a martial artist might enter.

  • 309 acupuncture points
  • 32 Shaolin qinna techniques
  • 1 Shaolin Qinna kata
  • First aid
  • Shooter/ kidnapping and bully training
  • The use of vital points
  • Waterboarding
  • Sun Kempo introduction
  • Dianxue/ Kyusho introduction





GM Anders Falck from Sun Kempo Norway entered the seminar to show how he uses Vital points in Sun Kempo. GM Falck were inducted to the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame last year.

vitalpunktIf one photo should sum up the seminar it might be this one. Here we see two great Acudo ryu practitioners searching for Vital points; Small intestine 9.


GM Francisco Melendez is giving instructions on the seminar.


Yes, not all completed the Marathon. The strong Acudo-kas that completed the five days had some energy left to celebrate that they COMPLETED the enormous task – 50 hours in 5 days.


Some of the participants from the seminar…



Other important moments


Dianxue Master Yzar Cervantes gave us the honor to show us his way of using vital points in Dianxue and Kyusho. His techniques functioned very well and we feel very tempted to invite him for our next seminar also. Beside the effective techniques he shared we also met an excellent person, a skilled professional, and got a new friend.





The classical searching after the acupuncture points. On this photo we find two Acudo-kas searching for the effective acupuncture point liver 4.


This is Doshu Nils Volden explaining the use of the acupuncture point Pericardium 3.



The classical Vital point Stomach 4 are used in a controlling technique.



Searching for acupuncture points was an essential part of the training at the Vital point seminar. Then the students learned martial arts techniques  on all the points.



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