Doshu explains

Acudo ryu is not the same as Kyusho international, Dianxue, Dillman international or other vital points martial arts. This is an independent style. You might say that these pointing styles share some common origins and interests, but the lineage and focus is different.


Acudo ryu were developed in China unde a strong influence of Shaolin Dianxue, but the founding members of Acudo ryu selected to choose a name that did not interfere with name Shaolin Dianxue or the lineage for that sake. Acudo started with no connection to other martial arts. That does not hide the fact that several of the hard-core acudokas have studied Shaolin dianxue in the Shaolin Temple and that the Abbed in the Shaolin Temple is honored with a 10. dan in Acudo ryu.


The main focus in Acudo ryu is not knock out people with acupuncture points as in many other vital point martial arts. To knock out a person is not as easy as many YouTube videos shows; a lot of that is semi-acting/ suggestion. Well, it is possible to knock out people with acupuncture points and sometimes we do.

So, the question is why does the official acudo ryu homepage use Kyusho international videos? The answer is simple. The videos work very good as introduction, and we like them.


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