Doshu explains

Acudo ryu is not the same as Kyusho international, Dianxue, Dillman international or other vital points martial arts. This is an independent style. You might say that these pointing styles share some common origins and interests, but the lineage and focus is different. Acudo ryu were developed in China unde a strong influence of Shaolin … Continue reading Doshu explains

If you want Peace, prepare for War

In the old Latin book Epitoma Rei Militaris written by Vegetius you will find the quotation: “Igitur qui desiderar pacem, praeparet bellum” or in shorter latin: “Si cis pacem, para bellum”. When War breaks out it is far too late to prepare fight. War is something you need to prepare for in times of Peace. … Continue reading If you want Peace, prepare for War

How to take a punch!

Acudo ryu are the Way of Qi. We focus on how to use our energies to improve our techniques and how to afflict our opponent. Mostly we do this through focusing on the acupuncture points, but also through using biomechanics such as the tendino muscular meridians. First Target: Hit to the throat or the Chest … Continue reading How to take a punch!

New Senpai – Senpai José Alfredo Vilchis Salinas

Sunday 30.08.2015 WAA formally awarded the title Senpai to Acudo master José Alfredo Vilchis Salinas. Master Vilchis has been studing Acudo ryu for 6 years, since 2009. Beside being a very good and dedicated instructor in Acudo ryu as well as in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido he is a father and a husband; beside a … Continue reading New Senpai – Senpai José Alfredo Vilchis Salinas

DimMak seminar at AIAM

This is a link to a seminar about DimMak given by Doshu Nils Volden at Academia International de Artes Marciales run by Shihan Fransisco Diaz. On this link you will find many photos from the seminar:!portafolio/c24uj Photo taken from AIAM-Galeria ( This seminar have been mentioned before in an article.