How to take a punch!

Acudo ryu are the Way of Qi. We focus on how to use our energies to improve our techniques and how to afflict our opponent. Mostly we do this through focusing on the acupuncture points, but also through using biomechanics such as the tendino muscular meridians.


First Target: Hit to the throat or the Chest

Technique: First you inhale deeply and then you tense your muscles. Having done that you slowly start to exhale slowly; make a hissing sound or stay quiet.

Explanation: When you inhale deeply you will create a pressure in the throat and the lungs that will reduce the potential damage. A full body is more resistant to external pressure; just like a full or empty soda can. Tensing your muscles you will reduce the effect of the blow. Our body is strong if we make it strong. When you tense your muscles we find our tissue absorbing the blow. The air we inhaled and are slowly exhaling will create a protection for the body. So, inhale and let the air slowly go out. At the same time tense the relevant muscles. Train with some light blows with not so hard items and slowly increase the intensity and hardness.


Second Target: Kick to the groin/ testicles

Technique: The main focus is on the position of your pelvic area and do not attempt this with normal boxers. The testicles need to be at a fixed place. When the kick comes, angle the frontal aspect of the pelvic bone up and lower your ass. Let the kick pass to the butt. It is also favorable to lift your body a little in the exact moment of impact to reduce some of the kinetic energy being transmitted to your groin area.
Explanation: Since the kick will have its impact on you butt you will not get any problems with the testicles or the pelvic bone. Through angling the frontal pelvic bone up and the butt down the testicles move a little more out of the impact area. Another important aspect is the way the kicker kick. The kick should come with the shin and straight up.


Hitting with a small item will dramatically increase the impact force. Since all the impact is targeted on a limited space. Using the techniques described above you will be able to take some decent impacts without greater impact.

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