The Vital Point Camp 2016

Hereby you are invited to join the Vital Point Camp.

What:                   65 hours Vital point Marathon in 1 Week!

Focus areas:        Vital points in Martial arts

Where:                Tlalpan, DF, Mexico City

When:                  Easter 2016: 22.03.2016 – 27.03.2016

Whom:                All persons interested in Martial arts

INFORMATION: or (0052-55)56 71 95 21

Main Instructor:


Nils Volden
  • President, World Acudo Association (WAA)
  • President, World Personal Martial Arts Federation (WPMAF)
  •  Doshu in the Acudo ryu system
  • 35 years in Martial arts
  • 8.dan Acudo ryu, 5 dan Shaolin Qinna, 1 dan Judo and 6.4 Level Operator Street Acudo
  • 24 years as Acupuncturist and Professor in Chinese medicine and Psychology


 No Secrets – Pure Direct Knowledge

6 Years after the First Marathon




  • 365 Acupuncture points used in Martial arts
  • How to manipulate Vital points
  • The Six Essential Arm – and Foot positions (TMM)
  • The Complete Shaolin Qinna Kata and 32 Techniques
  • First Aid in Martial arts (Shaolin Style)
  • Street Acudo



  • Stress test – FEAR!
  • Fight under Adrenaline dump
  • Shooter Scenarios
  • Kidnapping Scenarios
  • Sun Kempo
  • Mizudo


seminar ACUDO 2016 II

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