The Vital Point Camp 2016

Hereby you are invited to join the Vital Point Camp. What:                   65 hours Vital point Marathon in 1 Week! Focus areas:        Vital points in Martial arts Where:                Tlalpan, DF, Mexico City When:                  Easter 2016: 22.03.2016 – 27.03.2016 Whom:                All persons interested in Martial arts INFORMATION: … Continue reading The Vital Point Camp 2016

Pressure on 偏歴 Pianli

This is a technique that creates a deep pain in the underarm. The position of the hands is slightly similar to a type of reversed Ude-garami (腕絡) that is an arm entanglement or "figure-four" key lock. The basic difference are that the left hand is not connected to your right, and that you put pressure … Continue reading Pressure on 偏歴 Pianli

How to locate acupuncture points

It is a problem within martial arts that many that do not know the location of the acupuncture points teach to students the acupuncture points. As a result we frequently find strange, odd and incorrect localizations of the points. Here is a link to multiple videos on Youtube that shows you how to locate the … Continue reading How to locate acupuncture points