The Vital Point Camp 2016

Hereby you are invited to join the Vital Point Camp. What:                   65 hours Vital point Marathon in 1 Week! Focus areas:        Vital points in Martial arts Where:                Tlalpan, DF, Mexico City When:                  Easter 2016: 22.03.2016 – 27.03.2016 Whom:                All persons interested in Martial arts INFORMATION: … Continue reading The Vital Point Camp 2016

New Senpai – Senpai José Alfredo Vilchis Salinas

Sunday 30.08.2015 WAA formally awarded the title Senpai to Acudo master José Alfredo Vilchis Salinas. Master Vilchis has been studing Acudo ryu for 6 years, since 2009. Beside being a very good and dedicated instructor in Acudo ryu as well as in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido he is a father and a husband; beside a … Continue reading New Senpai – Senpai José Alfredo Vilchis Salinas

Expo Artes Marciales Mexico

This is the biggest martial arts expo in Latin America with expositions and demonstrations for two complete days by the finest of martial arts. More than 100 expositions and more than 50 martial arts stiles will be presented according to the arrangers. It is estimated more than 100.000 persons visiting this expo. A cooperation between … Continue reading Expo Artes Marciales Mexico

Great seminar with Shihan SHino Wilberg

WAA want to thank our european Shihan Shino WIlberg for a great seminar in Mexico Friday and Saturday. He showed unique acudo ryu techniques strongly connected to throwing and  stepping techniques. Shihan also helped in some demonstrations conducted by GM Nils Volden. WAA will also send a GREAT thank to GM Fransisco Melendez for helping … Continue reading Great seminar with Shihan SHino Wilberg