Homicide increases

Homicides increases We all want the homicide rate to go down to ZERO, but facts tell us different. The October rate went up with a single digit, but the November rate went up with a stunning 20% (compared with last year)! November 2015 did go into history as the second worst day the last two … Continue reading Homicide increases

Our GM and Bow hunting

Many have sent us tip about that they have observed our GM Volden in a homepage about Vikings and Bowhunting. http://vesterledvikinglag.wordpress.com/ This is his new hobby and free time activity. He recomend this activity for all that likes to relax and enjoy life.


The Essence of Atemi The legend tell us that the old Atemi master could only by pointing at a point make his opponents qi disturbed so he died or fainted. Other legends tells about a master landing a Atemi technique and nothing happens until several days later when the person suddenly falls down dead. Atemi … Continue reading Atemi

Shaolin Temple

This is the Shaolin Temple in Henan, China Chinese Martial Arts Chinese Martial Arts or Wushu is known all over the World as an important part of Chinese Culture. Wushu contains of both boxing and weapons; all in a nice philosophical setting. From the Philosophy, Martial Art has absorbed fundamental amounts of knowledge. This is … Continue reading Shaolin Temple