The sequence of TMM movements

The Twelve TMMs 

Written by Doshu Nils Volden. 8. Dan Acudo ryu

The sequence of TMM movements

Let us start with the basic position and work from there to make everything easier to understand. Notice the change of hand and the change of feet is independent in the change between sets (set 1, set 2 and set 3)

Starting position:lu-li-st-sp tmm

  • Right Hand: Lung TMM
  • Left Hand: Large intestine TMM
  • Right Foot: Stomach TMM
  • Left Foot: Spleen TMM

NOTE: Change Right – Left to gain power!


First change of position – Neutral – Yin:transli-ha-sp-ub tmm

  • Right Hand: Large intestine TMM
  • Left Hand: Heart TMM
  • Right Foot: Spleen TMM
  • Left Foot: Urinary bladder TMM




Second position:ha-si-ub-ki tmm

  • Right Hand: Heart TMM
  • Left Hand: Small intestine TMM
  • Right Foot: Urinary bladder TMM
  • Left Foot: Kidney TMM

NOTE: Change Right – Left to gain power!




Second change of position – Neutral – Yang:transsi-p-ki-gb tmm

  • Right Hand: Small intestine TMM
  • Left Hand: Pericardium TMM
  • Right Foot: Kidney TMM
  • Left Foot: Gall bladder TMM




Third position:p-sj-gb-liv tmm

  • Right Hand: Pericardium TMM
  • Left Hand: San Jiao TMM
  • Right Foot: Gall bladder TMM
  • Left Foot: Liver TMM

NOTE: Change Right – Left to gain power!



Third change of position – Neutral – Yang:transsj-lu-liv-st

  • Right Hand: San Jiao TMM
  • Left Hand: Lung TMM
  • Right Foot: Liver TMM
  • Left Foot: Stomach TMM




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