TMM Coordination

The Twelve TMMs 

Written by Doshu Nils Volden. 8. Dan Acudo ryu

Upper and lower coordination

We find that the TMM of the hand and feet have a way to interconnect. On the hands we have right hand and left hand are interconnected as for example lung TMM movement on right side and a large intestine TMM movement on the left side.  Making right Yang and left Yin in its very core. The feet have the same system, but right side will not be Yang up and down at the same time or Yin for that sake. The example above will be followed by a Yin right foot and Yang left foot; giving us the following calculus: Yang right hand – Yin left hand – Yin right foot – Yang left foot. The most common position of the feet in this example is Stomach TMM movement left foot and Spleen TMM movement right foot.


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