The Three Hand positions – TMM

The Twelve TMMs 

Written by Doshu Nils Volden. 8. Dan Acudo ryu

The pairs of the hand

Our TMM of the hands are grouped in Yin and Yang. It is always a Yin TMM together with a Yang TMM. A Yang will normally be together with a Yin. The pairs are like mentioned before in Yin and Yang or Zang and Fu if you prefer.

  • Lung TMM – Large intestine TMM

Lu-Si tmm

  • Pericardium TMM – San Jiao TMM


Pc-Sj tmm


  • Heart TMM – Small intestine TMM


These paired TMMs have a strong tendency to be used together. Normally we find the interaction between the left and right side of our body to be the most central here. A Lung TMM on the right side will often have a Large intestine TMM on the left side. This three pairs tend to appear at the same time on the left/ right side. When these pairs act together we get the strongest fit; fast, strong and coordinated. Normally Yang is the attentive, active and strong. Yin is the defensive, passive and weak.



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