Examination in Acudo ryu

Information from The Norwegian Acudo Association A practitioners progress in the art of Acudo Ryu is determined soly on the practitioners mastery of both the theoretical and practical curriculum. This means that the amount of time spent studying Acudo Ryu is secondary to his or her understanding of the art. It is at the discretion of the individual … Continue reading Examination in Acudo ryu

Twelve Questions to Shihan Wilberg 5. dan

After the two seminars in Mexico earlier this year we have got many questions about this intelligent, tall, strong, studied Viking from Norway Shihan Wilberg. So, we asked him some questions to find out something about him.   Who is Shino Wilberg?    I was born in Drammen, not far from Norway’s capital Oslo, January … Continue reading Twelve Questions to Shihan Wilberg 5. dan