Grandmaster Anders Falck

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Who is Grandmaster Anders Falck?

A man with a big desire to change the world to a safe place and at the same time has fun.


Tell us about your Martial arts carrier.

I started early in the 80s after being captured by a Bruce Lee movie. He did fight in an ice factory for justice and peace, and for me this created an interest for martial arts and ethics. After that i decided to learn as much as possible about martial arts and to become one of the best in the world. I started with Jiu Jitsu and ended with orange belt because it was too boring for me. Then i trained Shotokan karate witch also became too boring. Then I found a teacher in Ninjutsu and Kempo Karate. From that point i did train many different styles at the same time. Until today I have trained 12 different martial arts styles.

What skills and experiences would make an ideal martial Artist? 

I would say any fighter who sees the need of learning more knowledge and never stop studying; all types of martial arts from Judo or Aikido to pure fighting like kickboxing to more Kempo and weapons.

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What is the single largest problem within Martial Arts today and how should we solve this problem?

Many fighters are to loyal to only one style. They should see the needs and learn more to have a complete foundation.

What have you enjoyed most about Sun Kempo?

I enjoy the fact that Sun Kempo is a style of different ways than many others.

I made the style to be complete and more effective that many other styles.

Many styles today have too much of one thing and too little of other things.

Sun Kempo is based on the way of the true warrior.

What Constitutes success within Martial Arts for you? 

Success to me is when a fighter stop having feared and start getting reflexes that cannot be read by others. We have to remark that GM Falck was awarded the title “The International Martial artist of the Year 2015” in USA; something he just happen not to mention.

Tell us about your Martial Arts qualifications? IMG_0946g

My qualifications come from learning much from others and to make my own style much better.

Do you continuing educating yourself within Martial Arts?

Yes i do every day, right now its pressure point techniques and Ninjutsu. My motto is fight without force is the best – the silent warriors.

What can you tell us about your special technique?

My special technique is based on getting away from the attacker and takes them from behind by surprise.


Tell us about Sun Kempo.

Sun Kempo is: a way of living in harmony within you and to use everything in life of movements witch works and gives us a better way to survive, and a combination of three ways of Kempo, Aikido and Ninjutsu; mixed with Acudo ryu and some military moves. My next step for Sun Kempo is to develop instructional DVDs of everything. Personally I want to open a dojo to teach self-defense.

For sure we will hear a lot from GM Falck and his Sun Kempo in the furure. Something we are looking forward to.

One thought on “Grandmaster Anders Falck

  1. We are all looking forwards to learning more of your Sun Kempo GM Falck 🙂 Having already sampled some of Sun Kempo I can tell others reading this, you have something to look forwards to:)

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