A Warriors Creed

Words from our Shihan in Norway, Shihan Shino Wilberg.

World Personal Martial Arts Federation - WPMAF

A Warriors Creed

2015-02-22 15.09.27By Shino Wilberg

1. I am a warrior, as such I hold myself to the highest possible standards of ethics, morals, etiquette and honor.

2. I am a warrior, as such, in times of strife and combat, I shall conduct myself with honor, fortitude and courage in the face of my opponents, and in the face of danger

3. I am a warrior, as such, I shall in times of peace put effort to be the very best of what I do, and in so doing serve as an example for those who follow me

4. I am a warrior, as such, I will do my best to make those who lead me have confidence in my abilities, and those I command, strive to follow my example

5. I am a warrior, and as such, I am not only capable of doing great harm, but also able…

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