We Honor our Shihan – Fransisco Melendez

Our Shihan Fransisco Melendez is beside also being a 4. dan in Acudo ryu also a 8 dan in Tae Kwon Do, and one of the founders of the Tae Kwon Do in Mexico. Melendez does not step down to correct wrong. He faces evil with pride and honesty. This time he confronts the Mexican … Continue reading We Honor our Shihan – Fransisco Melendez

Shihan Fransisco Melendez M. in Katana magazine

Our Shihan Fransisco Melendez 4. dan is a part of an article in the magazine "Katana - La Espada del Guerrero" December 2014/ january 2015 edition. (www.katana.mx) The article in this fantastic magazine spoke about the Alianza Mundial de Artes Marciales - AMAM and the 13 years anniversary. Order the magazine on http://www.katana.mx